One of our customers recently shared a personal account of how the Scalamobil allowed his mother to stay in her home. A traditional stair lift required a permanent installation at twice the cost of the Scalamobil and Scalachair accessory. The product became a viable stair access alternative to relocation.  After 15 years of providing this unique and important product, we have many satisfied Scalamobil users and riders. Here’s one of their stories….

ScalamobilAfter researching (for a long time) ways to help move my disabled mother up and down stairs to and from her bedroom, I was excited to find the Scalamobil IQ. After using it for over a year, I am still excited and eternally grateful for the product. It has saved many headaches and backaches in a two story house with a narrow stairway. It is super easy to use and one does not need to be strong to do it. The braking system going down stairs is brilliant. It also works really well as a narrow transfer chair around the house. We don’t go out much, but it would be easy to transport as it easily breaks down.

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Stairlifts: A Viable Home Access Solution

by Lee Kaufman on March 18, 2011

A viable option for home accessibility is the stairlift. You may see this advertised as a Stair Lift, Stair-Glide, Stair-Trac or Scalamobil. This type of product could make theScalmobil Stair Climber difference between staying in your home or moving to a new location. Fortunately stairlift technology has been around for many years. It is safe and reliable, especially if provided by an expert who understands your specific needs. There are several choices all of which should result in a safe, long-term solution to getting around the house, or in many cases, getting in and out of the house.

If you’re ambulatory and independent but have trouble safely negotiating stairs you may want to consider a traditional installed stairlift. These devices are bolted to the tread of the stairs and provide push-button access on straight, curved, indoor or outdoor stairs. Most are battery powered stair chairs that run smoothly and quietly up and down the stairs on an installed track. [click to Read More…]