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Special Needs ADA Restroom Design & Construction

Resources for ADA Restrooms, Universal Washrooms, Public Family Restrooms

Universal Restroom Floor Plans and Dimensions

ADA family restroom floor plan with adult change table
ADA Restroom Floor Plan with Adult Change Table


ADA 2010 Restroom Standards — Per the US Access Board.

US Access Board — federal agency promoting equality for people with disabilities.

Reaching Out to Customers with Disabilities — tutorial from ada.gov to assist business owners.

Design FAQs

We've just started the design process. Why should I care about furnishings at this stage?

The right changing table is more than just a furnishing. It can be an integral part of the restroom infrastructure, impacting wall structure, electrical elements, possibly even plumbing.

It’s never too early to consider all the requirements for not only the current wheelchair users of your project’s restrooms, but those who will need this facility in coming years.

What's the advantage of a height adjustable changing table?

Lowering/rasing the table means:

  • User can assist with transferring, preserving their dignity.
  • User’s participation in daily care requirements reinforces physical and occupational therapy goals.
  • Reduces stress to the caregiver’s back — back strain being a leading cause of workers’ comp.
  • Only one caregiver is needed for changing, rather than two for team-lifting.
  • Table can be raised to the caregiver’s best working height. Very valuable in facilities with multiple caregivers.
  • The spec I'm working with doesn't include safety rails, and the table I want is only available with safety rails.

    Safety rails are the best way to insure the user’s security. Stepping away from the changing table for even a few seconds, or simply bending to pick up a dropped item, can result in disaster. It’s just not worth the relatively modest savings in purchase price.

    If you still have questions or issues, contact our Sales Office at 800.577.1555 to discuss special order options.

    Which changing table is the most readily-available?

    The Armedica Hi-Lo Changing Table is not only readily available but also perhaps the most versatile changing table. Not only is it height adjustable, but it’s mobile as well, so it can be moved to whatever location it’s needed for.

    Plus, it’s available in five sizes, including an extra wide/extra long version that offers extra room for rolling users side-to-side, making it easier for caregivers and more comfortable for users.

    It’s definitely one of our most popular choices.

    Armedica Changing Table in Family Restroom
    Armedica Changing Table installed at Science Museum of Minnesota
    Family Restroom Changing Tables -- two positions
    Two Family Restroom changing tables for wheelchair users