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Adjustable Bathroom

Pressalit Care Adjustable Bathroom
AccommodationStarts with Adjustability

Barrier Free / Universal Design Products
Accommodate Wheelchair Users

♦ Maximize user independence.
♦ Maintain safety, dignity, and hygiene.
♦ Adjust to changing needs of the user.
♦ Ensure the best conditions for care providers.

Call us for consultation. Let us put our 25+ years experience to work for you.

What People
Say About Us

adjustable toilet with support arms

Pressalit Care
Adjustable Toilet

Shower Gurney by Marina with attendant and user

Shower Gurney

Adjustable Sink pneumatic mode

Pressalit Care
Adjustable Sink

Adjustable bathroom with fixtures mounted on horizontal track

Pressalit Care
Horizontal Track

Shower trolley / bath bed for disabled

Adjustable Bath Bed

adjustable shower seat mounted to horizontal wall track

Pressalit Care
Adjustable Shower Seat

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adjustable bathroom brochure cover

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adjustable bathroom and adult changing table brochure cover

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