3 Reasons to Consider a Portable Wheelchair Stair Lift

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There are lots of ways to get up the stairs. Your own legs are best, of course, but could be you need some help. Maybe a lot of help. Are you thinking about installing one of those cool stair lifts — the kind that ride a rail up the staircase, with that cute little seat attached? Did you know there’s another choice? How about a portable stair lift?A portable wheelchair stair lift is necessary on these stairs

A portable, or mobile, stair climber isn’t attached to the wall or the stairs. It attaches to your wheelchair so that the chair can climb stairs. Or you can get a climber that comes with its own chair, in case you just need help with steps. And that extra chair makes a handy transport chair as well.

So here’s why a mobile stair climber might be just the thing:

Reason 1

It’s ready to go when you get. Okay, you might have to charge the battery. But no modification to your stairs or walls, no electrical outlets to install, no need for a contractor.

Reason 2

Why be confined to a stair lift permanently installed on one staircase? Maybe there are multiple stairways in your home. Or at your daughter’s house. Or that lovely timeshare your sister is begging you to go to. A portable stair climber fits easily in the trunk, and you’re off! Here’s how easy it is:

Reason 3

With a portable stair climber, you can climb just about any staircase. Outdoors, curved, concrete, carpeted. And without any damage to the stairs. That glorious Titanic staircase where Leo and Kate met at the clock? Duck soup. (I hear you can find a real-life replica in Belfast.)

Fixed stair lifts can be great. But if you’re using a wheelchair to get around, then a portable stair lift lets you go even further.

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