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The Universal Family Restroom

Family Restroom — everyone should be able to use the restroom

Public restrooms should accommodate the public — including wheelchair users who need diapering.

The right equipment and floor plan means safe, hygienic, comfortable toileting for everyone.

the challenge:

Mom of a special needs son lets you in on a bathroom secret

ADA restroom accessibility does NOT equal wheelchair accommodation.

Current standards don’t address the needs of those who must lay down for diapering.

Replace baby changing stations with adult changing tables so everyone can be accommodated.

Adult changing table designed

specifically for public restrooms

adult changing table installations

Hi lo changing table mounted on restroom partition
Pressalit Care 2000 Hi Lo Changing Table mounted on restroom partition
Armedica Changing Table in Family Restroom
Armedica Changing Table installed at Science Museum of Minnesota
Hi Lo Changing Table in Single Stall Restroom
Pressalit Care 2000 Hi Lo Changing Table installed in single stall restroom at Univ of Minnesota



ADA 2010 Restroom Standards — Per the US Access Board.

Pending 2018 ADA Standards — a discussion of upcoming changes
and what they represent to architects and designers.