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What would you like to know more about? Here’s some frequently asked questions about us and what we do.

How long has MAX-Ability been in business?

Lee Kaufman started MAX-Ability in 1994. You can read all about him and the inception of the company.

Where are you located?

We’re in Santa Rosa, California. You can find our mailing address on our Contact Us page, along with email and phone information.

What if I need technical support?

Contact us any way that works for you — email or phone. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Are products and parts readily available?

Most products and parts are in stock for immediate delivery. Our international group of suppliers provide excellent support and product/parts availability. Armedica products take a little longer, since they are custom-built according to your upholstery selection.

Can I get customer references?

Yes, we would be happy to refer you to any of our customers around the country.

Product Demos

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What's the advantage of an ergonomic changing table?

Height adjustable changing tables — that can rise and lower — benefit both caregivers/aides and wheelchair users. The table lowers to accommodate user transfer, and then rises to a comfortable working height. Multiple aides, short or tall, can adjust the same table to their optimal position.

Wheelchair users who can assist in transfers retain a higher degree of dignity, not to mention all the intrinsic values of maintaining as much functionality as possible. Those who attend them get protection from back strain or injury, a leading cause of disability and workers’ compensation.

What's the best way to transfer a student or client who needs complete assistance?

Optimally, a combination of mechanical hoist or lift, in conjunction with a height adjustable changing table. That way, both user and attendant are protected, safe, and comfortable. Ask us for referrals if you are interested in purchasing a hoist or lift to complement your changing table.

What if I need to move the changing table's location?

Being able to move the changing table can be crucial, especially where special needs students or clients fluctuate. Perhaps you have a multi-function room that is only used for diapering at certain times of the day. We have several models that are not fixed to the wall, including some that also adjust height.

Space is really tight in our Special Needs restroom. We need to accommodate ambulatory as well as wheelchair-using students. Any suggestions?

Then one of our folding tables should do the trick. They fold up against the wall when not in use, leaving all that floor space for other purposes. And yes, they are available in both fixed and height adjustable versions.

How can I be sure I'm selecting the best changing table for my needs?

Measure the space you plan to use carefully. Make sure that the table you’re planning will fit in the allotted space. Check for electrical requirements, if appropriate. And if you have any doubts, call us!

What's the difference between a stair lift and a stair climber?

A stair lift attaches to the staircase, and the user transfers to an attached seat to ‘ride’ up the stairs. Our stair climbers, also called portable stair lifts,  attach to the wheelchair itself, so the user can climb just about any staircase, anywhere. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.

Are portable stair lifts covered by insurance?

Not in most cases. Some individual states might provide funding for people with disabilities, Veterans Affairs (VA) or workers compensation.

How much lifting will I need to do to get the climber attached to the wheelchair and onto the stairs?

None! Every stair climber we offer is designed to do all the lifting: on the stairs, on the landing, on flat surfaces approaching the stairs.

Can I leave the stair climber attached to the wheelchair when not climbing the stairs?

The climber releases quickly and easily from the wheelchair. It’s not designed to remain attached during regular use. Some of our customers have purchased the Scala Chair in addition to the Scalamobil, so that they can leave the Scala Chair attached. That way, the user simply transfers from their wheelchair to the Scalamobil/ScalaChair combo whenever they need to use the stairs.

I see you have a couple of different stair climbers. How do they compare?

Here is an easy side-by-side table comparing our stair climbers. Whatever your stair climbing needs, we can get your wheelchair up the stairs! Be sure to call, email, or chat if you have any questions.

Do prices include sales tax?

We are not required to charge sales tax except for purchases within California. If you purchase through our online shopping cart, sales tax will be automatically calculated, if appropriate, or you can call us for specifics.

How do I check the status of my order?

Contact us anytime — email or phone — and we’ll be happy to update you.  If you placed your order online, you can check your account here. You can also check the appropriate product page for approximate delivery times.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Sure do. Give us a call or fax your purchase order to 707 575-3856. Here’s more on our purchasing and payment methods.

What is your return policy?

We’re eager to make sure you’re happy with our products. If you have any problem, please let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to fix it. If you need to return a product, here’s how.