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Marina Shower Gurney Specifications


Height adjustable, mobile shower gurney / bath trolley

Comfortable, safe shallow bathing / personal cleansing for bedridden, immobile users.

Tilts for easy water removal.

Use as a transport stretcher.

All components, including hand control, are sealed, waterproof, and UL listed.

Appropriate for hazmat decontamination.

Shower Gurney / Bath Trolley dimensions
SKU/Model Numbers:

6100 2370 (battery powered)
6100 2320 (hydraulic)


  • External dimensions: 74″ long x 32″ wide
  • Inner dimensions: 67″ long x 26″ wide
  • Bed surface height range: 17.75″ – 39″
  • Overall height range: 24.5″ – 45.5″
  • Wheel base: 55″
  • Wheel diameter: 5″
  • Construction:

    Corrosion-resistant, lightweight aluminum frame.
    •  Comfortable, padded, waterproof, removable
    •  Waterproof neck/head support.
    Outlet hose included.
    Tilt mechanism:
    •  Manual with pneumatic balance for easy tilt.
    •  Control lever at head end opposite drain hose.

    Battery-powered models:

    Screw Drive 24v Actuator
    Product power: 24v 1amp
    Battery: 2 x 12v, sealed lead acid
    Battery charger: 120v input, 500mA output
    Built-in battery charging station
    Battery life: 3-4 years
    Emergency stop; emergency lowering

    Hydraulic models:

    Ergonomic foot pump action for height adjustment

    Weight Capacity:

    400 lbs


    Sold throughout the United States and Canada


    1-2 weeks


    Product price and shipping discount when purchasing multiple units. Call for details. 800.577.1555


    Five years limited warranty on parts; one year on labor.
    See our complete warranty and other policies here.


    FDA registered; UL approved electrics; ADA accommodation.