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Evacu-Trac CD-8
Evacuation Chair

How to Choose theBest Evacuation Chair

Evac Chair infographic

The Safest Evacuation Chair!

Only evac device with reclined positioning.

Auto-stop for safe, controlled descent.
You can assist anyone, regardless of size.

Talk to us about multiple-unit special pricing.

Also available with battery power. Call for details.

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Evacuation Chair:

Per the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA):
“Track-type evacuation chairs . . . promote safe, efficient evacuation during emergencies.”

Exclusive automatic speed control:

  • Passenger’s weight moves unit down stairs.
  • Does not require strength from emergency personnel.
  • Hydraulically controlled descent speed.
    (Battery-powered version also available. Call for information.)
    [Note: Evacu-Trac travels down only.
    See our Portable Stair Climbers for stair climbing options.]

    Reclined seating — essential for injured or disabled user who can’t maintain sitting position.

    High weight capacity: 400 lbs.

    Sets up quickly in an emergency. Unfolds with single pull of the handle.
    Rubber crawl tracks grip stair noses securely.
    Failsafe braking, including emergency stop on stairs.

    Easy transfer from wheelchair.
    Low handle height — easy assistance from front/back, more available working space.
    Comfortable, stable support at head, back, legs, and feet.

    Wheeled transport and maneuverability on flat surfaces.

    Optional secure storage cabinet  or nylon dust cover available.

    Fifteen year warranty

    Minimal maintenance.
    Ready to use on arrival.

    Additional information

    Weight Capacity

    400 lbs


    Landing for 90-degree turn: 41″ minimum


    Sold throughout the United States

    Delivery Time:

    1-2 weeks


    Product price and shipping discount when purchasing multiple units. Call for details. 800.577.1555

    More Information

    See Complete Specifications link above

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    1 review for Evacu-Trac CD-8
    Evacuation Chair

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      How quickly does the Evacu-Trac descend stairs?

      The Evacu-Trac descends at a rate of about 3.5 feet/sec (measurement based on a 35-degree stair slope and 220 lb. occupant). That rate will vary slightly depending on the weight of the occupant. The descent control mechanism limits the maximum speed regardless of the operating environment, or strength and size of the operator.

      Why is the reclining position so important?

      The Evacu-Trac is the only emergency evac chair that provides the appropriate reclining position for the disabled, injured, or elderly — anyone who may not be able to maintain an upright sitting position while being evacuated.

      What is the maximum stair angle?

      40 degrees.

      Can I use the Evacu-Trac as a stair climber/stair lift for my customers who use wheelchairs?

      No, this device is intended for emergency evacuations, and cannot ascend stairs. Check out ourScalamobil Portable Stair Lift which is designed to accommodate multiple wheelchairs on just about any stairway.

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