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Marina Shower Gurney

Mobile bathing for the immobile.

Height adjustable and tilting.

Child, bariatric sizes available.

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Shower Gurney / Bath Trolley

Choose hydraulic or battery powered height adjustment.
Lowers for easy wheelchair or bed transfer.
Rises to optimal caregiving level.
All components, including hand control, are sealed, waterproof, and UL listed.
Tilts to aid water removal.
Use as a transport stretcher.
Safe, comfortable shallow bathing.
Offered in two sizes:

  • Adult:
    • Length: 74″ (external); 67″ (internal)
    • Width: 32″ (external); 26″ (internal)
  • Extra Long:
    • Length: 82″ (external); 75″ (internal)
    • Width: 32″ (external); 26″ (internal)
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

    We’ve upgraded our warranty to FIVE years — at no cost to you.
    Learn more about our Five-Year Warranty.

    Special Note for Caregivers:
    Good choice for users who need Trendelenburg positioning.
    For hazmat decon, see also the Pressalit Care 3000 or the Pressalit Care 2000 adult changing tables.

    Additional information


    Sold throughout the US and Canada

    Delivery Time:

    1-2 weeks


    Product price and shipping discount when purchasing multiple units. Call for details. 800.577.1555

    More Information

    See Complete Specifications link above.

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    1 review for Marina Shower Gurney

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      What does shallow bathing mean? How much water accumulates around the patient?

      The mattress holds a depth of approximately 3″ - 4″ of water for shallow soaking and bathing. Fluids exit via a drain plug and attached hose, included with the trolley.

      Can I replace the mattress if it gets worn or torn?

      The life of the mattress is approximately four years with proper care. Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals for cleaning. A replacement mattress is available for around $550.00.

      What is the purpose of the tilting feature?

      A gas spring lever tilts the head of the shower gurney / bath trolley. Patients can be more comfortable while bathing, and accumulated fluids are more easily drained.

      Are the electric components waterproof?

      Yes, they are designed to withstand direct contact with a water spray.

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