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Pressalit Care 1000
Child Size Changing Table

A MAX-Ability Exclusive

Ergonomic care you can afford.

Efficient, no-frills Pressalit Care quality.

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Perfect for Special Education
Child Size Changing Table from Pressalit Care

Folds easily to maximize floor space.
Integrated safety rail ensures user’s security.
Adjustable Tables:
Electric powered height adjustment:

Always ready to go; no battery to charge.
Battery can’t be lost, damaged, or misplaced
Adjusts from 20.5″ to 36.25″
All components, including hand control, are sealed, waterproof, and UL listed.
Fixed height models also available.

  • Table length: 55.5″
  • Table width: 23.5″
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Also available in adult size.
    We’ve upgraded our warranty to FIVE years — at no cost to you.
    Learn more about our Five-Year Warranty.

    Soft, pliable mattress.
    Factory-installed safety rail with easy one-handed operation.
    Completely accessible for cleaning and disinfecting.
    Wheelchair accessible. ADA accommodation.

    Price includes off-loading from truck.

    Special Note to Caregivers:
    Permeable mattress surface allows air circulation for skin care.
    One-handed folding mechanism / safety rail release / hand control.

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    Sold throughout the United States

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    1-2 weeks


    Product price and shipping discount when purchasing multiple units. Call for details. 800.577.1555

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    See Complete Specifications link above.

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    Child Size Changing Table”

    What is the mattress material made of?

    It is a plasticized canvas, which pliable, waterproof and comfortable. The mattress is also vented to allow fluids to drain.

    Can the changing table be used in or near a shower?

    Yes, all components are designed to be compatible and safe in a wet environment. It can be cleaned with common disinfectants and cleaners.

    What are the maintenance requirements for the Pressalit Care 1000?

    We recommend a thorough inspection of the product every 3-4 months. The height adjusting motor does not require adjustments or lubrication. Please contact MAX-Ability for technical support.

    How easy is the table to fold?

    It is balanced with pneumatic cylinders, making it very easy to fold and unfold with minimal effort.

    How long has this special needs changing table been on the market?

    It has been used successfully in Europe and North America for 20 years.

    Are fixed height versions of this product available?

    Yes, please contact us for more information at 1 800 577-1555.

    How do the various Pressalit Care changing tables compare?

    Here’s a side-by-side comparison of all the Pressalit Care changing tables we offer: Pressalit Care Changing Table comparison   And of course, we’re always happy to help you make the right choice for your particular situation. Just call us!

    Are changing tables available without the safety rail?

    They can be special ordered, but we strongly advise against using the changing table without adequate protection. Even a couple of seconds of stepping away from the table could end in an accident.

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