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Pressalit Care 3000
Child Changing Table

A MAX-Ability Exclusive

Maximum comfort for user and caregiver.

More features than any other changing table.

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Pressalit Care 3000 Child Changing Table

Ergonomic caregiving.
Unique water receiver tray for thorough cleansing, even hazmat decon.
Ideal for lateral and standing transfers.
Integrated safety rail ensures user’s security.
Adjustable Tables:
Electric powered height adjustment:

Always ready to go; no battery to charge.
Battery can’t be lost, damaged, or misplaced.
Height adjustment: 12″ to 38 7/8″
All components, including hand control, are sealed, waterproof, and UL listed.
Fixed height models also available.

  • Table length: 55.5″
  • Table width: 31″
  • Weight capacity: 440 lbs
  • Also available in adult sizes.
    We’ve upgraded our warranty to FIVE years — at no cost to you.
    Learn more about our Five-Year Warranty.

    Folds to the wall to maximize floor space.
    Receiver tray captures fluids.
    Factory installed safety rail with easy one-handed operation.
    Comfortable, safe and hygienic. Soft, warm mattress.
    Completely accessible for cleaning and disinfecting.
    Adjustable head and back support.
    Hand-held remote control. Whisper quiet operation.

    Special Note to Caregivers:
    Raised end protects those with choking or spinal issues.
    Receiver tray allows for more thorough cleaning, avoiding skin breakdown.
    More features means this changing table will accommodate any student with diapering needs, now and in the future.

    Award winning Danish design. ADA accommodation.

    Price includes off-loading from truck.

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    Sold throughout the United States

    Delivery Time:

    1-2 weeks


    Product price and shipping discount when purchasing multiple units. Call for details. 800.577.1555

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    See Complete Specifications link above.

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    Child Changing Table”

    You offer several Pressalit Care changing tables. Which one is best for me?

    Here’s a side-by-side comparison to help you choose: Pressalit Care Changing Table comparison

    More questions? Just give us a call!

    At what height should we install the fixed model?

    We recommend a working height of 28″-34”, depending on caregiver requirements and accommodation of lifting devices.

    How much assembly is required?

    The fixed height table arrives completely assembled. Remove the two screws holding the mounting brackets to the table, and install the brackets to the wall. Then reattach the table. That’s it! The height-adjustable model comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. And of course, our technical staff is available for consultation at 1-800-577-1555.

    What are the electrical requirements?

    A 120v wall outlet located within range of the 8’ power cord (see the Pressalit Care 3000 Installation Drawing). The internal electric power is 24v and 1amp. A GFI outlet is required if used with a shower. An integrated transformer is included with the power cord and plug.

    Can I install the table on any kind of wall?

    Either the fixed or adjustable table should be anchored to solid wood, masonry, or concrete. If retrofitting, new anchor holes can be added to the mounting hardware to match existing wall studs.

    Any other suggestions before I drill my anchor holes?

    Be sure to measure carefully. For the height-adjustable table, extend the leveling feet of the mounting hardware about 1/2″ before measuring for your anchor holes to allow for adjustment space.

    How does the water capture system work?

    It controls shower water and helps keep the caregiver dry. When you use the Pressalit Care table with either a wall-mounted or hand-held shower, water runs through the vented mattress panels and into the receiver tray below. From there, the water is directed to a flexible drain hose (included). The hose then channels the waste material to a wall outlet or floor drain. (If the changing table will not be used for showering/bathing, the drain hose need not be installed.)

    How durable is the mattress?

    The firm mattress is easily positioned yet comfortably soft. Its closed cell foam design prevents water absorption and contamination. Under normal use, the mattress should last at least five years.

    Is the product waterproof?

    Completely. The Pressalit Care table is the only one designed specifically to be used with a hand-held shower (not included). The electrical components are sealed and safe for use in wet environments.

    How long has this product been on the market?

    The Pressalit Care changing table has been installed in more than 100 sites across the country and successfully used for over 10 years.

    Can we get the changing table without the safety rail?

    It can be special ordered, but we strongly advise against using the changing table without adequate protection. Stepping away from the table for even a couple of seconds could end in an accident.

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