Pressalit Wallaby Changing Table


A MAX-Ability Exclusive

No steps means no falls.

Height adjustable to less than 12″.
Child/user climbs on themselves,
minimal caregiver lifting.
Includes factory-installed safety rail.


Wall Mount Diaper Changing Station:

Lowers to less than 12″ from the floor, so children can climb on — which means no lifting!
(And ADA compliant.)
Raises for optimal ergonomic caregiving.
Easy-to-use safety rail ensures user’s security.

Table length: 35.5″ (small); 55.5″ (child)
Table width: 31.5″
Weight capacity: Small: 121 lbs; Child: 143 lbs

(Looking for adult size changing tables? Check here.)

Electric powered height adjustment:

Adjusts from 11.75″ to 39.25″ (lower than most adjustable changing tables)
Always ready to go; no battery to charge.
Battery can’t be lost, damaged, or misplaced.
Wired hand control — can’t get lost or misplaced.

We’ve upgraded our warranty to FIVE years — at no cost to you.
Learn more about our Five-Year Warranty.

Optional soft, supple mattress:

easily removed for cleaning.
replacement mattress also available.

Laminate worktop.
Safety stop. Integrated system prevents pinched fingers or toes.
Wire baskets are always convenient, regardless of table position.
Easy to clean and disinfect.
Mechanical lift appropriate.

Mounting hardware included.

Use a licensed contractor or plumber to install the product to avoid personal injury or property damage.

Price includes off-loading from truck.

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Sold throughout the United States


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Product price and shipping discount when purchasing multiple units. Call for details. 800.577.1555


See Complete Specifications link above.


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