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Scalamobil Portable Stair Lift

4.1 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
(10 customer reviews )
portable stair lift for wheelchairs on stairs
Scalaport X7 Universal Wheelchair Stair Climber
Portable Stair Lift
Scalamobil Stair Climber attaches to wheelchair
Portable stair lift Aisle Chair
Use on airstairs

Perfect for home care.

No need to modify your home or stairs.

Ideal for ground and air transportation services
catering to wheelchair users.

Please call our sales office to order 800.577.1555

Gently used models may be available.

(Limited 1-year warranty included)

Additions for User’s Comfort & Safety
Available Accessories:X3FX7
Headrest: Soft cushions, insures neck/head stability when going up and down stairsincluded
Foot Belt: for lower body stability
Push Handles: for easier maneuverability within the home
H-harness: for upper torso support/safety
Lateral chair supports: for additional upper torso support
Extra battery pack: for high use situations — charge one battery while the other is in use.

Contact our Sales Department for purchasing/ordering details.

Transport Components:

(Add component below to make Scalamobil fully functional)

X7 Scalaport: Universal wheelchair carrier accommodates most manual adult/child wheelchairs. Easily adjusts to individual wheelchair size, eliminates extra transfers.  Appropriate for nursing homes, transport providers and public buildings such as schools or museums.

X3F Scalachair:  Easy, compact transportation on curved stairs, spirals and small landings. Includes fold-up footrest and armrests, removable/washable seat and back covers. Detaches for use as in-home transport chair; works well in small bathrooms and narrow doors and hallways.

(Folding model provided standard; rigid version available by special order.)

Scalamobil and transport components dissemble easily for car transport.

scalamobil fly

portable stair lift for passengers
Aisle chair climbs stairs!

Stair Climbing Transit Chair.

Any attendant can
assist any passenger.

SKU: S39    $8625

Call our Sales Office
for details.

S35 = Up to 8″ stair height
S38 = 8-10″ stair height
S39 = Transit access applications

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portable wheelchair stair climber
Portable Stair Lift:

Goes wherever your wheelchair goes.
Perfect for narrow, curved staircases.

Will not mar or damage steps.
Reserve battery power will climb up to 300 steps.
Adjustable speed control.
Single-step mode stops after each step.
Four automatic stair safety brakes.
Handlebars adjust vertically and horizontally.
Battery status/warning and direction display on handlebar.
Only needs 30″ clearance on landings.

Transit Access:

Excellent combination transit / aisle chair.
Ideal for private, charter or commercial aircraft,
medical wheelchair transport services, RVs.
Any attendant can get any passenger to their seat.
Climbs airstair / aisle width as narrow as 17″.
Scalamobil model S38 (10″ step rise) with X3F Scalachair or X7 Scalaport is recommended.
Easily transport your passenger on stairs and through the aisle with safety and dignity.

Call for more information.

We’ve upgraded our warranty to FIVE years — at no cost to you.
Learn more about our Five-Year Warranty.

Additional information

Weight Capacity

308 lbs (combined user and wheelchair)


Minimum 30" flat landing, depending on Scalamobil accessory and stairway configuration

Delivery Time:

1-2 weeks


Product price and shipping discount when purchasing multiple units. Call for details. 800.577.1555

More Information

See Complete Specifications link above.

Customer reviews

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
10 reviews
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10 reviews for Scalamobil Portable Stair Lift

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    What kind of staircases does it work on?

    It is equally effective on interior and outdoor stairways, straight, spiral, or narrow, made from materials including carpet, wood, stone or metal.

    Could it damage my staircase?

    No. The unique climbing mechanism and abrasion-resistant tires fully protect the steps.

    How far can I climb with a single charge of the battery?

    The fully charged battery can climb as many as 300 steps when carrying a person weighing approx. 155 lbs. That is equivalent to about 20 floors. Under normal usage, the battery should last 3-4 years.

    How much strength do I need to operate the Scalamobil?

    At the push of a button, the electric motor takes care of all the climbing work. Guiding the scalamobil requires some coordination but very little strength.

    Does it matter what size my steps are?

    For the basic Scalamobil S35, the steps should be at least 4.5 inches deep and no higher than 8 inches. If your stairs are taller than 8” then consider the Scalamobil S38, which accommodates stairs as high as 10”.

    Can the Scalamobil also be used outside the house?

    The scalamobil can be used on all kinds of steps, whether outdoors or in public buildings. It is easily dismantled into three parts, and fits in most car trunks.

    What is the Scalamobil’s safety record?

    Built-in safety monitors have assured its successful use around the world for over 20 years. We will work with you to determine your stair-climbing application, with special consideration given to the integrity of your stairways, the ability of the operator, and the needs of the person being transported. With those factors in mind, we will help you design the most effective combination of climber and accessories.

    What size wheelchairs does it work with?

    The Scalamobil works with just about any 16” or 18” wheelchair, and can be accessorized to accommodate a wide variety of climbing situations. Keep in mind that its lifting capacity is 306 lbs – combined chair and user weight.

    I’m having trouble deciding between the Scalamobil and the Stair-Trac. Can you help me?

    Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the differences in the two products. Call us if you need more help. We’d love to talk with you about your particular circumstances.

    If I get the Scala Chair, will I still need an additional wheelchair?

    Maybe not. The Scala Chair can be detached from the climber and used as wheelchair or transport chair. Depending on the user’s needs, that might be all that’s necessary.

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