How to Choose the Best Adult Changing Table

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So you need an adult size changing table (that’s why you clicked on this article, right?) — maybe to outfit a Special Ed bathroom, or equip a Family Restroom, or to care for a special needs individual at home — but which one?

Here are the essential elements explained:

Height Adjustable — this type of changing table can raise and lower as needed by the user and caregiver. The bed of the changing table lowers so the user can get on more easily, or be transferred by the caregiver with less risk of injury (especially to the back). Then it’s raised to a comfortable, ergonomic height for diaper-changing.

These changing tables are either battery-powered or electric. Electric changing tables usually plug into a wall socket or are hard-wired.

Note: There are manual adjustable changing tables, adjusted via hand crank. It’s important to note that these tables cannot be adjusted while the user is on the table. Therefore they do not have the same benefit and functionality as powered changing tables.

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Fixed Height — These changing tables do not adjust. Some models bolt to the wall; others are bench or cabinet styles. They are definitely less expensive than height adjusting tables.

However, it’s important to consider the design height and how it impacts the user and caregiver. A fixed height bench style changing table may be easy for the user to get on, but force the caregiver to bend dramatically to assist the user, endangering the caregiver’s back. A wall-mounted fixed height table can be installed with a specific caregiver’s ergonomics in mind, but may then require a mechanical lift in order to get the user on safely, not to mention the ramifications if several caregivers will be using the changing table.

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Wall Mounted — As the name suggests, these changing tables are mounted to the wall, and then can be folded out of the way when not needed, freeing up valuable space in the restroom. Wall mounted changing tables are available both with height adjustability and as fixed versions.

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Portable / Freestanding — Don’t want to be constrained to one diaper-changing location? You don’t have to mount the changing table on the wall. Depending on your needs, you might want a mobile changing table, with locking casters, that can roll to wherever it’s needed — perhaps to another classroom. Or maybe you want the flexibility to change locations later — a freestanding changing table. Solid, sturdy, but movable.

Portable / Freestanding changing tables are also available in both height adjustable and fixed versions.

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Wheelchair Accessible — This means that the changing table has enough space beneath the bed for a wheelchair to fit under it, allowing better access for wheelchair users. This is an especially important consideration for wheelchair users who are able to participate in their own care.

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Other Considerations — Will you need to do more than change diapers? Perhaps shallow bathing? Maybe even hazmat decontamination? Then you should look into shower tables / gurneys.

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Will the changing table be used in a public environment such as a Family (single-stall) restroom? Then you’ll want to consider the durability of the materials, as well as ease of use. And bear in mind that size counts — a baby can be changed on an adult size changing table, but not the other way around.

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