How to Choose the Best Evac Chair

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Have you planned for everyone in an emergency? Can you get the immobile down the stairs and out of the building safely?

Evac Chair infographicI’m talking not just about the disabled, who might not be able to walk down stairs without their wheelchair, but also the elderly, as well as those who may have been injured. Anyone with mobility issues.

There are lots of choices for evacuation chairs, also known as evac or rescue chairs. The cheapest are basically transit chairs with handles and castors. Even cheaper still are sled-like devices that essentially slide a person down the stairs.

Evac Chair with occupant and attendant
Anyone can help the immobile during an emergency

Then there’s the Evacu-Trac.

Simply put, this is the best evac chair out there. Here’s why:

• Single-person operation

One person can maneuver the device down the stairs, regardless of the weight of the occupant. No need to bear even some of the user’s weight to control the chair.

• Speed control

The Evacu-Trac is designed to move quickly, but with control, including an auto-stop braking feature. Release the braking bar on the handle and the Evacu-trac stops safely and securely, even on stairs.

• Reclined positioning

Wheelchair users and the injured may not be able to sit at 90° as required for other rescue chairs.

• Completely self-powered

No battery to keep charged. No complex setup. No elaborate training for personnel.

Contrast with other devices:

∇ Battery-powered: Require upkeep for powering and training on usage, which may mean it’s not ready to go when the emergency strikes.

∇ Two-person operation: And if that second person isn’t available? Or isn’t strong enough? Or hasn’t been trained? Not to mention the danger of descending the stairs backwards to control the device.

∇ Sleds/slings: After the discomfort and possible danger to both user and occupant, what happens once they’re down the stairs? How/who carries the rescued from the building?

The Evacu-Trac is engineered with a speed governor, so its downward motion powers it, but with control. The track-style tread assures a secure grip on virtually any kind of stair.

It is open on both sides, without side impediments, so the injured or immobile can easily access the chair from either side. Restraint straps hold the occupant securely in the chair. Once clear of the stairs, the Evacu-Trac moves smoothly on level ground, assuring that the occupant gets to safety.

And it comes with a 15 year warranty. That’s right — 15 years.

Don’t wait for an emergency to be ready.