Handicapped Bathing Doesn’t Have to Mean Bathroom Remodel

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Trying to decide how to best bathe your special needs family member or client? Worried your handicapped bathroom remodel might also need bathing equipment to accommodate a wheelchair, along with a mechanical lift or hoist, plus a special tub or shower? You want to give them the best care possible, of course. One of our Shower Gurneys/Bath Beds might be just the right answer for you.

We carry a mobile, height adjustable gurney with sides that fold up to create a secure, water-holding shallow bathing bed. The Marina Shower Gurney has a drainage tube and a tilt feature, so all the fluids can easily drain away after bathing.

Handicapped bathroom option -- Marina Shower Trolley
Shower Gurney and Changing Table

Wheel it up to your loved one’s bed, transfer them laterally into the Marina, then fold up the side. Bathe them there or roll them to the vicinity of a sink or faucet. Use a handheld shower to cleanse them comfortably. Direct the drainage tube into an appropriate receptacle when you’re done. Once your loved one is clean and dry and warm and snuggly, wheel the bathing trolley away again.

And it’s height adjustable! A heavy-duty battery moves it low enough for a wheelchair user to assist with transferring, then raises to a comfortable, safe caregiver working height. Or from bed level to working level. Whatever works best for you.

No expensive bathroom remodeling necessary. No waiting for construction and contractors — it’s ready to use when you get it.

Handicapped Bathroom option: Shower Bed / Changing Table for the immobile
Sirocco Shower Bed /Changing Table

We also carry wall-mounted shower stretchers and bath beds. The Sirocco Shower Bed is a great choice for in-patient rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, just about any establishment that attends to the bathing needs of the immobile. Just as fully-featured as the Marina, but wall-mounted.

Still looking? We’ve got fixed height, budget-friendly, folding options — whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

Caring for someone who needs help caring for themselves is hard enough; maybe this part can be easy.