Protac SenSit® Sensory Chair Set


Recommended by professionals.

Deep, dynamic pressure for improved body awareness.
For children and adults with motor and mental restlessness.

Includes puff/footstool for optimal seating comfort and engagement


Protac SenSit® Sensory-Stimulating Chair Set

• Provides a pleasant enveloping feeling to the entire body.
• The ball filling in the chair and its four wings stimulate the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense through deep and dynamic pressure, promoting improved body awareness.
• The neck pillow is made of granulate for optimal neck support.
• The chair can be used as a safe base in institutions, classrooms, sensory rooms, care centers, psychiatric and somatic hospitals.
• Protac SenSit® alleviates mental and physical unrest and sharpens concentration.
• Suitable for both children and adults, and benefits people with ADHD, autism, psychiatric disorders, dementia, brain damage, spasticity, and developmental disorders.
• The chair’s malleable content of sensory-stimulating balls in the seat, back and wings provides a comfortable sitting and resting position, and a nice alternative to a wheelchair user’s sitting position.
• The ball chair has three handles, which makes it easy to move it

Included: Protac SenSit ® Puff for optimal comfort

The Protac SenSit ® Puff, used together with the Protac SenSit,® offers the most inclusive sensory seating experience. The Puff is also a great aid for teachers, care staff, therapists, etc. making it easy to sit close and at eye level with the user for improved interpersonal interaction.

Recommended by Professionals:

Protac SenSit® has proven effective as a tool for sensory integration treatment and sensory stimulation in sensory rooms and clinics. The chair can also be used as preparation for therapy and training sessions, so that the user is relaxed, collected and ready for training. The touch-pressure and movement of the balls also dampens spasticity and promotes calmness.


Contains balls in the back, in the top layer of the seat and in the wings.
The base is filled with granules, which makes the chair malleable to the individual.
Incontinence cover on the back of the seat

Filling: 1.5/2 in (38/50 mm) EVA plastic & polypropylene balls

Fabric: Oxford 100% polyester; flame retardant

Puff: Top layer: 2 in. (5cm) balls; bottom: granules

Care and Maintenance:

Incontinence cover can easily be zipped off and washed. The chair can also be completely disassembled to wash the entire cover.

Seat Cover: Wash in a regular washing machine, hot setting, with non-bleach, fragrance free detergent. Frequency will depend on usage. Follow washing instructions on the cover.
Ball Bags (located in neck/side wings): Wash in supplied washing bags in a regular washing machine with non-bleach, fragrance free detergent. See washing instructions in the wings.

· Inner bag with granules and balls must not be washed.
· Inner cushion in the headrest must not be washed.


During use, there will be an indentation in the seat, due to the granules at the bottom “packing”. It is therefore important to turn the chair upside down occasionally as needed and shake it a little so that air gets into the granules. This causes the seat to “rise” again.
Check the chair every time it is used for faults and defects, and review the chair’s stitching, zippers, fabric, handles, balls, granules and the general condition of the chair once a year. If you become aware of serious faults and defects, Protac SenSit ® must be taken out of use until the fault has been rectified and safety restored.

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Aqua, Lime, Dusty Green, Dark Gray