Protac® Sensory Ball Blanket


Better than Simple Weight

Specially designed balls stimulate touch and muscle-joint sensation for improved body awareness.

For children and adults with physical unrest, ADHD, Autism, Developmental Disabilities and Cerebral Palsy


Protac® Sensory Ball Blanket

• Sensory-stimulating blanket with specially designed plastic balls, providing a pleasant enveloping feeling for the entire body.
• The balls stimulate the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense through deep and dynamic touch-pressure, promoting improved body awareness.
• Relieves anxiety and restlessness to help the user fall asleep more easily.
See the research documenting the Protac® Ball Blanket’s ability to remedy sleep problems and increase well-being.

The Protac® Sensory Blanket was specially developed for users who need to be in motion to create calmness: people with motor restlessness, ADHD, autism, anxiety, psychiatric disorders, dementia, developmental disabilities and brain damage.
•  The Protac® Ball Blanket contains air-filled balls, essential for the continuous calming effect of the blanket.
•  All duvets from Protac are CE-marked and registered according to medical devices at 1 at the Danish Medicines Agency.

Recommended by Professionals:

The Protac® Sensory Blanket works well as a tool for sensory integration treatment and motor training in sensory rooms and clinics. The blanket can also be used as preparation for therapy and training sessions, so that the user is relaxed, collected and ready for training. The pressure and movement of the balls also dampens spasticity and provides relaxation.

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Models and Sizes:

Protac® Calm Ball Blanket
•  Suitable for people with tactile shyness, extreme sound sensitivity or people who are easily overstimulated.
•  The 1.5″ (3.8 cm) balls are sewn into channels, so that they wrap closer to the body, and provide a more calm and uniform sensory stimulation.
•  Appropriate for people who need predictable and clear sensory input in order to feel themselves and find peace.
•  Easy access zipper; lifting straps; buttonholes.
•  Available in adult and junior sizes.

Protac® Flexible Ball Blanket
•  Suitable for people who find it difficult to feel themselves and keep their body still.
•  The 2″ (5 cm) balls are divided into cassettes so that the balls can move and provide dynamic sensory stimulation.
•  Appropriate for sensation seekers who need varying sensory input in order to feel themselves and find peace.
•  4 removable ball bags.
•  Available in adult and junior sizes.

Protac® Calm – Adult
15 lbs
55 – 78 inches
Protac® Calm – Junior
7.7 lbs
39 – 55 inches
Protac® Flexible – Adult
15 lbs
55 – 78 inches
Protac® Flexible – Junior
7.7 lbs
39 – 55 inches


Care and Maintenance

The sensory blankets can be washed in a regular washing machine, warm setting, with non-bleach detergent. Frequency will depend on usage. Protective washing bag included. See also the washing instructions on the cover.

We recommend ventilating the blankets at regular intervals.

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